Washer City Agitators is a project of John Mattingly (keys, vocals), Jim Robinson, (drums, vocals, harmonica), Elaine Mattingly (vocals). It features originals (lyrics by Elaine, music by John), and alluring takes on music from multiple genres. More information available via Facebook "Washer City Agitators."

Please Don’t Touch Me This Fourth of July

A rant in spoken word video form, featuring rhythm under, followed by fireworks and a rousing barrelhouse piano arrangement of Stars & Stripes Forever by John Mattingly. As of this posting (the week prior to July 4, 2021), 604,000 people have died from the virus. May you all be safe and well this Fourth of July, and every other day of the year (btw, Medicare for All--now). For more information about the virus, vaccines, testing and statistics: https://www.mayoclinic.org/coronavirus-covid-19/vaccine-tracker

Next To You is a song in which the music came first (by John Mattingly) and the lyrics written in response. Much to our delight, Newton's uber-talented native daughter, Joanne Jackson, sang it many times while performing in Iowa. Performers with the Joanne Jackson Quartet were: Joanne Jackson (vocals), John Mattingly (piano), Steve McCombs (bass) and Marty McDonald (drums). Enjoy learning more about Joanne and her fantastic career at the end of this video treatment of our song.

Site of the former Stone City Art Colony grounds, from southeast

Stone City Road, south side of Stone City, Iowa

Wapsipinicon River at Stone City Access • Stone City, Iowa